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Home security system: structure and components

The Evolving Smart Home Security

Modern gadgets get more useful functions. They decrease in size, their constructions become less complex, and their design becomes more ergonomic and stylish. Unlike devices of the previous generation which only experienced professionals were able to connect and set, innovative devices do not require any special knowledge. To set the “smart home” system, it is enough to interact with a tablet, a computer or a smartphone, to have Wi-Fi connection and active apps for the home security system.

Home security system: structure and components

The security of the “smart home” depends on many components. It is based on sensors and more complex devices that are responsible for safety of one or another part of the house. Let’s consider some components of the smart home security.

Outdoor video surveillance

It can consist of one or several video cameras connected directly to the person’s gadget through the app. Smart devices can broadcast unfolding events, notify about motion activity suddenly emerging in the surveillance area, conduct voice sessions, etc.

If the smart camera works coupled with sensors, at particular protocol settings it can lock doors and windows, switch on the light, notify the person or security service about breaking into the house secured.

Perimeter security sensors

Devices are installed on entrance doors, windows and gates. This category includes smart locks, bells, smoke and gas detectors and other sensors. Depending on the settings, when devices are triggered, the “smart home” can activate active and passive security systems. The active security implies an automatic voltage supply to particularly secured areas, opening of valves of tanks with special gas or of dog cages. These measures are dedicated to preventing of the intruders’ future entering.

Gas, motion and smoke sensors

Gas sensors are installed on gas pipes and are able to block gas supply and turn on fans.

Motion controllers can be activated only if the user is absent: when they are triggered, video cameras automatically switch into the mode of broadcasting on the user’s gadget or into record mode.

Fire controllers respond to smoke, carbon monoxide and high temperature. Depending on the program, they can lock windows and doors to prevent a fresh air flow, call on rescue services and activate local fire-extinguishers.

Internet of things: network for the “smart home”

The unified network of devices and sensors of “smart home” automatic and mechanical devices can be considered as the Internet of things, in which smaller networks are included into the general security system. All components are connected with each other through the common radio channel. Their coordination and interaction are performed through the branded software that combines all commands transmitted to the tablet or the smartphone. It contributes to creating of special rules that govern all devices. It also allows to add new devices to the network and to avoid outdated and damaged ones.

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Home security system: structure and components


Modern gadgets get more useful functions. They decrease in size, their constructions become less complex, and their design becomes more

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